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GG print jacket

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GG jumper

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Logo-patch boxers

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Gucci is, inarguably, one of the most recognizable names in fashion. Either under the reigns of Maurizio Gucci, Tom Ford, Frida Gianinni or more recently, under the cosmic reboot with Alessandro Michele; Gucci has always been at the forefront of luxury fashion.

Previously a leather goods family business, the mid 20th century saw a speed rise of the brand into designer fashion. From iconic, groundbreaking suits for their time to viral, timeless shoes and bags, the Gucci legacy is one built on solid brand identity and careful curation of aesthetics.

Gucci men: the epitome of Italian luxury

The Gucci man is a curious and intellectual one. It curates a diverse wardrobe, and his personality shines through his aesthetic. The Gucci man is the epitome of luxury and Italian fashion. As a label, the house has set the tone for recent fashion times and been one of the very first to globalize the new eclectic, all in fashion aesthetic that we see so powerfully nowadays.

The case of Gucci is an interesting one, since it combines the understated simple elegance of Italian sartory with the quirky, careless, genderless and eclectic combinations that we see in the same show. Its recent flip towards a more youth-centered approach was a risk that proved worthy for Gucci, as sales have skyrocketed worldwide and the name of the brand is now more present on everyone’s lips than ever before.

The secret to their success has been a fearless exploration of boundless fashion, stretching the codes and soul of the house to completely new fronts and upgrading what had been done in fashion until that time. Gucci made eccentric culture a very much central and global phenomenon, and has enjoyed so without giving up on the legacy of elegance and opulence that it was first built on.

Gucci menswear and Gucci men clothes at Ottodisanpietro

Gucci bags and Gucci shoes are always a good option, so at Ottodisanpietro we always have a broad offer of Gucci men accessories ready to conquer the hearts (and eyes) of any customer. Our selections of Gucci menswear and Gucci men are always playing with that balance between the understated elegance of the house at its core and the more daring, vibrant looks present in more recent collections.

Gucci men sweaters, Gucci men shoes, Gucci men bags, Gucci men shirts, Gucci man trousers… The list goes on and on on our wide range selection of offers of this royalty of international luxury that is Gucci. 

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