Burlow sweatshirt

640 €

Maison Margiela

Chunky-knit V-neck cardigan

1.450 €

Maison Margiela

Embroidered cotton hoodie

690 €


Men designer sweaters are a symbol of youth and modern ‘cool’. The meteoric rise of athleisure, the cult of athletes in the 80s and the popularization of urban styles of music in the 90s brought men designer sweatshirts and men designer hoodies. What started as warmup clothes for athletes, passing through the trendiest youth, has become a staple in its own right. 

The designer brand sweatshirts at Ottodisanpietro are diverse and varied, given few designer brands have resisted creating this modern essential. In itself, men designer brand sweatshirts are not merely a trend, but a staple that’s here to stay. 

Designer sweatshirts for men

Designer sweatshirts for men reflect the new needs of modern man. The clothes for new generations have two elicit requirements: comfort and functionality, although we could add a third condition; namely representing one’s own personality. 

Thus, men's sweatshirts and men's hoodies are pieces that allow for experimentation, research and diversification. Designer sweatshirts come in crewnecks, hoodies, with ribbed hems and cuffs… Essentially, men designer jumpers allow for diverse fits, fabrics (usually cottons)... What transforms men designer sweatshirts in selling success stories, away from their coloring and shape, is their graphic motifs and patterns. 

The secret to success in men designer sweatshirts: graphic designs

What makes a men sweatshirt stand out from the rest is usually, other than its fabrics, the choice of its graphic motifs or embroideries. Many luxury brands we work with opt for their own logos in a classic print, or reinterpreted to heighten the piece’s identity and versatility. Oftentimes, a men designer hoodie or designer crewnecks give us and extra identity and belonging to our preferred brands through their logos and imagery, without mentioning their elevated quality in their production. 

Nowadays, against trends and pieces that have come and go, men's designer sweatshirts have remained relevant and stood the test of time. Why? Due to, other than their aesthetic and diversity, being functional and comfortable. Added comfort and shield against the everyday life stressors, or as an ideal travel companion, sweatshirts hoodies and men designer crewnecks are the epitome of modern wear: unique, versatile and comfortable. 

What brands of designer sweatshirts can you find at Ottodisanpietro?

At Ottodisanpietro, you may find any designer brand sweatshirts from Loewe men sweatshirts to Prada men hoodies and Moncler men crewnecks often. Other luxury giants like Burberry also present their models of Burberry men sweatshirts, and OAMC and Stone Island provide our stores with best selling models of their own in the form of OAMC sweatshirts and Stone Island jumpers, Stone Island crewnecks and Stone Island hoodies

Every season, our essential brands continue to succeed in presenting our clients with the latest designer brand hoodies without giving up their identity. Thus, each luxury brand manages to create extensions of themselves in creating designer brand crewnecks and designer brand hoodies for men. Our job until you shop is to create exclusive selections to offer you the most premium quality pieces of modern attire. Everything from Moncler, Burberry, Loewe, Gucci, Prada, Stone Island sweatshirts and more of the most exclusive designer brand sweatshirts for men are available at Ottodisanpietro.

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