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Men's Outerwear

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The style of The Row clothing

The style of The Row clothing

The Row is a cornerstone of OTTODISANPIETRO. Its approach to fashion aligns completely with our conception of clothing: pure, sophisticated, and transcendent. The garments from the New York-based ...

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Top Men's Fashion Trends 2024

Top Men's Fashion Trends 2024

The 2024 season promises to be exciting for men's fashion. There is a new focus on reinventing classic pieces, embracing new generations, and breaking barriers from the past. From the trend of ver...

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Welcome, Isabel Marant Menswear

Welcome, Isabel Marant Menswear

Isabel Marant men's clothing is now available at OTTODISANPIETRO. Known for her fusion of French style with a youthful flair, Isabel Marant's menswear explores the new realm of masculine streetwea...

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Men designer sweaters are a reference piece in the world of luxury. The very best wools, cottons, acrylics and other miscellaneous fibers are used to creates these staple pieces for the modern man. Brands like Loewe, Prada or Gucci bet each season on statement pieces, recognizable upon first glance. These often have vibrant motifs, as well as there being other models that are more plain and simple. Other luxury brands such as Canali create pieces ideated to be used as plain pieces or in between layers. Some may even be worn over a shirt –preppy style. These types of men designer sweatersdemonstrate de luxury of owning a good selection of men designer sweaters. 

Loewe sweaters, Gucci sweaters, Prada sweaters, Givenchy sweaters and other gems of men designer sweaters in our stores

The idea of a piece that is able to adorn our wardrobe in such a standout way as a good men sweater isn’t something we just discovered. The 80s saw a rise of sweaters are a vibrant, standalone piece. At the beginning of the 20th century, the men designer sweater was more associated with certain with specific activities and institutions. The luxury sweaters for men were a complement or an essential piece of uniforms, both for  sports and schools. It is not then bizarre to consider that the preppy aesthetic has a particular predilection for the plainer models with a pronounced V neck line. This allowed for the lapels in shirts and polo shirts to show up over the necklines. These uniforms were often for either school or for sports activities such as golf or polo, often associated to the higher class. On the East Coast of the United States, the men designer sweaters and the preppy style of dressing up had a deep rooting. The word preppy stands for preparatory school, referring to these prevalent institutions in the Northeast of the United States. In many ways, this aesthetic persists in time with the maintenance of school and sports traditions. 

Nonetheless, after various steps in their evolution, including the trend of the ugly sweaters that steered the opposite way from the preppy sweaters and became more flamboyant; the pendulum swung towards more balance and there appeared models of sweaters wearable on the daily as a statement piece. Keeping the design and identity of the best luxury sweater men brands, these labels also acquired more luxurious materials and aesthetics. 

With this new trend, the designer brand sweaters began to win more protagonism until to the point we know today. The biggest luxury brands, including Loewe, Gucci, Prada, Jil Sander and OAMC; all have found their way to our closets with individual designs that are in line with each season. Each label among the different luxury brands for luxury fashion sweaters for men are able to reinterpret their own history and aesthetic in men sweaters designer that are distinct but that maintain their inarguably exclusive quality. Loewe, Gucci and Prada might often explore mixes of colors and prints, using patchwork, embroidered logos and logoed details with their unmistakable imagery. Brands like Canali, Jil Sander or Stone Island often play with the monochrome, or color blocking, focusing their attention on silhouettes and details to accentuate the men designer sweater’s individuality. 

Our seasonal selections of men designer sweaters: diversity in shapes, forms, colors and aesthetics

Both if you like the uniform, college aesthetic and other more classic looks, and if you prefer to explore your own limits and venture into new aesthetics and reinterpretations of the men luxury sweater; at Ottodisanpietro you may find a broad variety to choose from to supply demand. Exclusive men designer sweaters can be the centerpiece of a whole look. Oftentimes, these singular pieces of each luxury brand are thicker fabrics in irreplaceable designs. The new ways of adorning a gentleman’s wardrobe, more often than not begins with the choice of a premium men sweater, reminding us of the importance of such fast-rising pieces.

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