Our Festive Greetings

Inseparable from his photographic career, artist Simone Maestra's practice reflects on the fundamentals of human presence. Born in Italy in 1976, he has been living in our city, La Coruña, for over 15 years. Although he began sketching with pencils while studying in Padua, his first works did not come from painting: after his studies Simone moved to Paris, where he started collaborating with photographers such as Jean Baptiste Mondino or Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi, to be selected and awarded in different European exhibitions only a few years later.

Simone Maestra collaborates with Ottodisanpietro on a series of painted greetings to wish you vibrant and happy holidays

It is precisely Maestra's photography background that constitutes the starting point of his pictorial ouvre. The private expressions and gestures of ordinary people are a constant throughout his imaginary; small everyday narratives where rapid colour brushstrokes stand out in both large and small format canvases.

Translating his photographic language to painting, Simone Maestra has collaborated with us on a series of festive cards with which we would like to wish you very happy holidays.