Where the Silver Wind Blows

Saint Laurent's Winter 21 collection, under the creative direction of Anthony Vaccarello, has us escaping to a world of natural beauty. Leaving behind the chaos we face in everyday life and immersing us in the strength and splendor that nature has to offer.

Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2021

On trend with Saint Laurent's Summer 21 collection, the location was sublime. Vaccarello, clearly inspired by the natural world, has us transported to a winter tundra. Waterfalls cascading down the dark mountainside. Grey skies hovering over the icy hill tops. The contrast between the somber skies with the electrifying collection captivates us even more.

When describing the aesthetics Vaccarello states, “Thinking about this collection, I had this place in mind, like a movie director. It’s the idea of a girl in a landscape where she doesn’t belong. I knew I wanted a wintry location one which showed how strong nature is; how we are really nothing next to it, how ephemeral we are.”

Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2021 Looks

Focusing on the collection itself, you see a clear homage to Yves Saint Laurent and the house. But the true distinction of Vaccarello's creations lie in the modernization of signatures styles (hemlines and all). His use of vibrant colors and textures are breaking away from the status quo. As he states, “It’s the shapes of the ’60s with the colors of the ’80s. I want Saint Laurent to be more light and playful, but... It’s not just about going out to bars and parties.”

The mixing of textures; metallic bodysuits with leather and faux-fur trimmed skirts. His use of opulent jewelry, loaded with strasse, elevated each look that walked down the runway.

Saint Laurent's Winter 21 collection is expected to arrive in stores between August/September. To discover more of Vaccarello's universe, you can explore our Saint Laurent selection as well as visit our boutiques located in A Coruña. Virtual appointments are available as well.