The new IT item: the men’s bag




Fashion moves forward, and society moves with it. So on this Father’s Day, we highlight the advancements of men’s fashion that do not exclude those with a more classic taste, but rather celebrates de diversity of options.

As society undergoes the mass transformations of today, gender norms are slowly being broken with new trends fading the divisive lines of the past. Fashion, being closely linked to sociological factors, reflects the changes in society in the most visual way. This new decade, the men’s bag has been the real revolution.

It all began with the rise of the fanny-pack, a comfortable way of accessorizing trendy looks with a functional, multipurpose item. Fanny packs became the main accessory of the mid 2010s, and their return marked the beginning of a transition in men’s fashion choices.


Accessories have always been one of men’s best friends. From leather goods to sunglasses, and later satchels and fanny packs, accessories have always been a very distinct sector of the men’s fashion industry. As gender gets culturally redefined, lines between different designs are blurred and give way to a more diverse society. At Ottodisanpietro, we offer you classics from Prada and Loewe wallets and bags, to newer options like Jacquemus and Maison Margiela.

These steps forward are usually met with resistance. Seeing a man wearing what was considered a woman’s accessory in recent years is still shocking to some viewers. But the fading of rules and norms in the fashion world are anything but new. Most notably, we can recall the times where a woman wearing pants was unthinkable, or where heels were reserved for royal men.

As the world offers a multi-perspective view on style, we encourage you to explore what it means to represent yourself through clothes, stay true to yourself and celebrate the diversity in the world.