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Article: Treasures for the home: new luxury homeware collection

Treasures for the home: new luxury homeware collection


It's no secret that this time of year, our home becomes a much cherished refuge. Since the dawn of humanity, our home has sheltered us from weather inclemencies, becoming a space for the most vulnerable moments. Several centuries later, while we have traded the cave bear for the demands of modern life, the home remains our beloved sanctuary and a space for personal and creative development.

That's why in 2023, at OTTODISANPIETRO we launched our selection of homeware treasures. A collection of pieces from top brands to explore our creativity and taste while at home.


A whole world to discover

Brands like Loewe, La DoubleJ, Bottega Veneta, diptyque, Burberry, Prada... They all go beyond clothing and accessories collections. The major brands of the 21st century carefully curated luxurious worlds, turning their brand into a multi-level experience.

Interior design and home decoration have experienced a new boom in fashion since the 2010s. The world of high fashion has been branching out into new adventures, accompanying the customer to their most cherished and treasure space: home. 

A multisensory experience

The scent of diptyque candles, the warmth of Burberry blankets, the texture of Loewe cushions... Our curation of home pieces includes tactile, aromatic, and visual treasures to enhance the presence and personality of our homes.

The quality and artisanal value added to each selected piece are essential components of their appeal. Behind each select element, stands a whole manual crafting process, using pure fabrics with care manuals for optimal item protection.

Beyond visits

When we think of interior design, it's easy to primarily think of living rooms. Yet this selection goes far beyond that. In addition to impressing visitors, this collection is truly designed to dress our own home. In other words: these are treasures for us to embrace.

The cutlery and tableware from La Double J are already coveted pieces to adorn our dining rooms and countertops. Their handmade plates and hand-blown glasses are among the most sought-after items for the modern home. Loewe and Burberry blankets will warm up our coolest evenings, dressing our nights of unwind and our series binge sessions with a luxurious embrace. Wrapping our arms around cushions from the exclusive Loewe x Suna Fujita collection will infuse with great softness our most comfortable moments at home.

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