Happy New Year 2023! The (unpredictably) new Roaring Twenties are now in full force, nearing the end of their first half. Predictions for style trends and forecasts are already all over fashion’s biggest networks and publications. Trends are gaining traction, establishing themselves, and marking the new twists and turns for fashion. To save you from too lengthy a read, we will tell you all you need to know about fashion in 2023: 

     The return of the 2000s fashion trends is embracing the human shape again: transparencies are on the rise. After a short lived love for cutout trends, the revival of sheer nets and silky fabrics is back in everything from dresses to tops, on par with a rediscovery of the role of lingerie.  

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     Cobalt blues, sunset hues… You name it, it’s in. Our (hopefully) growing connection to and inspiration from nature is reflected in our appreciation for the beauty of its simplicity, bringing you all tones found in our idyllic planet. From lime-ish and foliage greens to cobalt and darker blues, dresses and accessories emulating day to night transitions and pearly pinks, everyone seems to be on board with the colors of nature. 

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     It’s a trend that could be felt for the past two or three years. The return of live parties and events in person has awakened one of the most consistently returning trends: glitter. Although larger sequins seem to be the common agreement, all forms of shine and gleam are now an essential piece of not just nightlife, but everyday life in general. Make your trips to the office brighter than ever!

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     Fringes, a controversial topic for women. But what if the biggest designers in the world were embracing the fringe? Ever since pieces like Matthieu Blazy’s gorgeous fringed pieces stepped on the Bottega Veneta catwalk this year, the trend has been consistently on the rise. On pants, bags, tops… Perhaps a remnant from our recent cowboy fashion craze, fringes are a rediscovered way to play with volumes and shapes, completely altering what may otherwise have been flatter outfits. Tassels, usually adorning bags and shoes (found also in Loewe), are part of this stringy trend.



  If we said tailoring was relevant in 2022, prepare for the 2023 worship of tailoring. Sartorial fashion is an effortless way to dress up and look perfectly put together. The main difference with last year’s is perhaps a newfound appreciation for lighter colors in tailoring, downplaying the seriousness and formality of these outfits. Oversized, slouchy silhouettes in blazers is also widely explored, adding a touch of creativity and charm to an otherwise classic staple. 

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     La ropa estilo bailarina de ballet propuesta por Miu Miu no solo la propulsó hasta convertirla en la marca más buscada del 2022. Esta propuesta también abrió el camino a los tonos rosados, melocotones y rosas pastel hasta el zenit de las tendencias. Alejándose un poco de los rosas vibrantes del año pasado, estos nuevos rosas se alinean con la re-exploración de la feminidad clásica modernizada en la ropa, junto con las nuevas transparencias y estos tonos propios de la lencería más clásica.

     Las predicciones para 2023 beben de la inusual coexistencia del estilo relajado de los noventa, los excesos de los dosmil, y nuestra actual revisión de los convencionalismos. Así como impredecible es la moda en general, quedando aún nuevas tendencias por detectar, un vistazo a las propuestas de nuestras marcas para la nueva temporada evidencia que lo que aquí te contamos ha venido para quedarse un tiempo.