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Partow Women


Rooted in minimalism, unstudied luxury, and a tension between modern femininity and masculinity, Partow’s effortless and modernist approach to womenswear garners devotees of eminent women worldwide. Founded by Nellie Partow, the pieces are an extension of the designer’s strength and empowerment, two characteristics that define her life both as a champion boxer and a fashion designer.

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Partow Women

Kora dressKora dressKora dressKora dressKora dress
Sale price1.025 € Regular price2.050 €
Marilyn dressMarilyn dressMarilyn dressMarilyn dressMarilyn dressMarilyn dressMarilyn dressMarilyn dress
Sale price1.007,50 € Regular price2.015 €
Andy dressAndy dressAndy dressAndy dressAndy dress
Sale price955 € Regular price1.910 €
Juliette shirtJuliette shirtJuliette shirtJuliette shirtJuliette shirt
Sale price602,50 € Regular price1.205 €
Eleni topEleni topEleni topEleni topEleni top
Sale price503,50 € Regular price1.007 €
Mara trousersMara trousersMara trousersMara trousersMara trousers
Sale price655,50 € Regular price1.311 €
Seraphine topSeraphine topSeraphine topSeraphine topSeraphine top
Sale price805,50 € Regular price1.611 €
Bacall trousersBacall trousersBacall trousersBacall trousers
Sale price647,50 € Regular price1.295 €
Callie topCallie topCallie topCallie top
Sale price497,50 € Regular price995 €
Steph blazerSteph blazerSteph blazerSteph blazer
Sale price997,50 € Regular price1.995 €
Everly earringsEverly earringsEverly earrings
Sale price297,50 € Regular price595 €