Choosing high quality materials for what we put on our heads is vital. Discover our selection of designer hats for men and designer caps for men at Ottodisanpietro. We have options of Loewe hats, Moncler hats, Gucci hats, Prada hats and frequently updated new options.

For colder months, we have men knitted hats like OAMC’s and Jacquemus’. They keep our heads and hearts warm. Men knitted hats or beanies men come in cashmere and wool, and caps like Moncler caps and Loewe caps are designed with ultralight and modern materials for functional designs in men's hats.

Apart from warmth or shelter from the sun, caps and beanies for men bring an extra comfort and a touch of modernity. Furthermore, it becomes a great ally for bad hair days.

How to wear a men designer hat

Whichever way we enjoy most. A hat can be the cherry on top on days we feel less inspired to dress up. Any good accessory is able to transform a boring fit into a display of style and elegance, and men caps and men beanies are no exception to this.

Depending on the climate, it is mostly convenient to think of the fabric the hat comes in. Summery days welcome fresher hats in organic, breathable fabrics. Caps and hats in leather are great for wintery or rainy days, guaranteeing our heads will stay dry and rain-proof.

Wool and cotton in knitted beanies keep our heat and bring the homely, cozy feeling of knitwear. Some can be a very cute and fun accessory.

Men hat with or without logo?

Logos have been a growing trend in the past few years, brought to mainstream culture by recent trap and rap culture followed by many of our younger customers. That said, logos being quite showy, wearing hats with logo or not is still a very personal decision. Both choices have their pros: wearing a hat without branding makes it more versatile (depending on the colors, of course). They also are more discreet and will perhaps help us use it more. 

Nonetheless, logos are a symbol of belonging. When we manage to find a brand or philosophy we admire or believe in, we can proudly show off their branding. This, in turn, uplifts us, makes us feel like we belong, that we’re a part of something. Oftentimes, caps and hats are a more affordable way of becoming a part of a brand we love without having to think twice about it. 


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