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Simon shirt

290 €

Saint Laurent

Striped cotton shirt

750 €

Saint Laurent

Longline bow collar shirt

1.590 €


Sherfield shirt

520 €


Gingham check-pattern cotton shirt

157,50 € 225 €


Micro check-print cotton shirt

147 € 210 €


Men’s designer shirts are, by far, the cornerstone of a gentleman’s wardrobe. Throughout history, the men’s shirt has acquired different levels of relevance in the collective mind and in their use. However, or at least in the most recent decades, the men’s designer shirt has been associated with formal situations. Little by little, the men’s shirt has become a symbol of masculine elegance, getting to become an essential of menswear of the 21st century. 

The history of men’s designer brand shirts

Men’s shirts date back to Ancient Egypt, at around 1500 b.C. The kalasirirs was the first item of clothing most resembling a men’s shirt we know in the present day. Their role, nearly like today, was to protect and shield the body against rougher external layers of clothing. With the invention of the printing press, the men's shirt became of more extended use due to the existence of fabrics used exclusively for their production. The invention of modern paper helped gear more fabrics towards the production of shirts. Once these shirts were out of all possible uses, they were reused to make books. 

The Renaissance saw the shirt become a lot more general in use, although much more ornamented then. Current shirts for men are more akin to the shirts seen in the period after de French Revolution, much more plain and simple. From the 19th century onwards, the men’s white shirt became a symbol of status and exclusivity. Nowadays, cleaner version of the men’s shirt continue to be a representation of elegance in gentlemen, oftentimes accompanying a suit. 

Today’s variations of the men’s designer shirts differ greatly from the first samples of the men’s shirt, nearly 3000 years ago. Nonetheless, many of the uses of this piece have been diversified and become as practical as decorative. In other words, designer shirts have acquired themselves their own rights as a standalone piece without the need for extra layers. However, models meant to go under a suit or in other formal instances do not pale in comparison in today’s world of shirts. 

Men’s shirts at Ottodisanpietro

We cannot speak of men’s collections of shirts at Ottodisanpietro without delving into Canali shirts. These shirts have become the most sought after shirts in formal options. From their atelier in Italy the Canali brand makes sure to maintain traditional forms in their shirts whilst bringing the modernity of new techniques and textiles that are updated and more sustainable. 

Labels like Burberry and Givenchy, and of course, Prada, present their identity through models of shirts representing both current trends and the simplicity of a plain shirt. Graphic models by these brands also promote less formal ways of wearing shirts. Patchwork like Loewe shirts’ or icons like Saint Laurent’s monogram in their Saint Laurent shirts bring more current versions of how to wear a shirt in the 21st century. 

Men shirts brands at Ottodisanpietro

The brands of shirts at Ottodisanpietro include Gucci shirts and Loewe shirts, Prada shirts, Etro shirts, Saint Laurent shirts and OAMC shirts. Each season, we also bet on new brands that align with the changes in our society and in the luxury industry.

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