If anything has become a global cornerstone of modern fashion, other than good basic t-shirts and sneakers, these are denim jeans. The denim jeans have taken over the world, evolving from 80s, Western styles to the many facets of men designer jeans we know today. It is certainly impossible not to see a good pair of modern jeans nowadays with a simple walk down the street. 

With the rise of streetstyle and normcore, the 80s saw a massive influence of jeans, becoming the quintessential American trend for informal attire. Men’s designer jeans had their breakthrough moments in the 1990s, with major designer brands betting on the creation of jeans away from the previous obsession with strictly couture. In the 1960s, thirty years prior, it was Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent who first took a chance on high end ready to wear clothing, breaking free from the uncorseted fashion of the time, that often leaned more towards haute couture or spectacle pieces than actual wearable items. 

His influence only grew, and more and more brands started to produce simple, everyday clothes for people to wear. Jeans are a part of this wave, with all major names in fashion launching sensational campaigns in the new minimalist trends of the 90s. The early 2000s saw deconstructions and reconstructions of men’s jeans that explored the denim fabric and ventured onto other categories of clothing. 

Luxury denim brands for men at Ottodisanpietro

In store, we have both brands who specialize and are known for their luxury men’s jeans, as well as essential pieces created by the high fashion houses in the world. Jacob Cohën jeans are some of our most coveted brands when it comes to denim. Many are the fans of their luxurious quality, their quasi-sartorial finish, the attention to detail, the comfort, and (as a plus), their scented fabrics. 

Other big name luxury fashion denim for men is produced seasonally by the most recognizable names in fashion. Each year, we receive generous collections of the best denim jeans for men in the world from international names such as Loewe jeans, Maison Margiela jeans, Golden Goose jeans, Gucci jeans, Saint Laurent jeans… These essential productions by such recognizable brands carry a stamp of quality everywhere they go. High fashion brands once entered the world of ready to wear, and explored the values of new age clothing resulting in the most exquisite collections. 

The different types of fit in the jeans are a very personal choice, as they all respond to different needs from prioritizing comfort to reflecting inimitable style. Above all, men’s designer jeans are a wardrobe staple of today, and owning a versatile collection of them in all preferable fits (slouchy, skinny, carrot, straight…) will be most desirable for today’s fashion scene.


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