Women’s skirts are one of the longest standing companions of the feminine gender throughout its history. A symbol of beauty and elegance, women’s skirt brands explore all possibilities and shapes. Each shape accentuates the female form differently , playing extensively with proportions, cuts and colours. Thus, offering a broad spectrum of options. 

Some of the first skirts uncovered date back to around the year 3,900 b.C., where they were already favoured for their comfort and freedom to move by many women. Throughout history, different civilizations have explored skirts as a means of expression and exploration of their culture. Their symbolic heritage plays on many of the embroidering techniques we celebrate in the present day, coming from many different locations around the world.

In the Middle Ages, even men donned something similar to a skirt, although shorter than women’s versions. Back then, the preference was gowns or long dresses similar to a petticoat. Therefore, regardless of these not being the same as skirts, it exemplifies the concept of a piece to cover the legs without separation being favoured in many historical instances. 

The feminist revolution of the 1960s and 1970s made for the mini skirt to have its moment, as a symbol of rebellion, against the tyranny of classic women’s clothes. After its much controversial moment, it became just one more of the many options women could choose from for day to day. Currently, all sorts of lengths and pleats coexist side by side, bringing about the different silhouettes, aesthetics and attitudes of the modern woman. 

Women’s skirt brands at Ottodisanpietro woman

One of our most extensive curations; women’s designer skirts reflect the present multiplicity of ways to exist and see fashion. Long skirts, short skirts, plain, pleated, flared, tight, embroidered, transparent… Skirts for women are one of the pieces that allow the great creatives of our world to explore design freely, without deconstructing existing patterns.

Skirt models by Valentino, The Row, Jil Sander or Victoria Beckham all explore the sophistication of this feminine icon. Amongst them, they all maintain their creative lines favouring the diversity of options.

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