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Few pieces have become as representative of the 20th and 21st century gentleman as the men polo shirt. Originating in the world of sports, these pieces have kept their dynamic aesthetic and lightweight feel whilst introducing themselves into the everyday wear. 

Many are the sports that and sportspeople that have enjoyed the aesthetic of the men's polo shirt, transforming this into a desirable aesthetic for men. The men designer polo shirt, appearing as a solution to the discomfort experienced by tennis players and their rigid uniforms this past century, is now a piece that plays with versatility and comfort, providing the wearer with a certain status and lifestyle. Brands like Stone Island polo shirts and Moncler polo shirts, both great creators of sportswear and sports gear, have both launched into creating and indispensable piece of the luxury menswear. The polo shirts reflect a desire for elegance and comfort, with a shape that is both light and easy for all sizes compared to the classic men’s shirt. Although not as formal as a classic menswear shirt, the polo play on a field of their own where they keep elevating the most informal of looks for daily use. 

How are men's polos made

Piqué cotton, the fabric most used in producing these items, has been present from the very first polo shirt men created and recognized. This material, with three interwoven fibers in cotton, works in maintaining the lightness and the construction without the stiff starchy finish. This thus favors the aesthetic and polished image in a more informal manner, more relaxed against other menswear pieces of more formal nature. 

The Moncler polos and Stone Island polos are both the utmost leaders in luxury sales. Both brands, belonging to the same group (the Moncler Group) since 2020, perfectly master what their clients need. This way, the demand and offer is translated into an ideal design for polo shirts with an aesthetic both dynamic and still linked to the world of sports. It is not difficult to observe that in international sports encounters, polo shirts are a uniform for more than just the athletes. Polo shirts by designer brands have become a central part of luxury menswear. The premium quality and exclusivity of these designs by Moncler polo shirts and Stone Island polo shirts have become ubiquitous nowadays. 

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