Wider, thinner, with buckle, without buckle, reversible, in leather, in fabric… A good men belt changes your look completely. Their buckles and widths vary according to their use. Varieties include classic emblems and mega-logos, which help communicate brands’ identities through this handy accessory. 

What types of men designer belts are there?

The world of men belts is broad, being one of the oldest accessories still existing. In ancient times, they were used to tighten robes and long garments on the waist, to prevent them from dragging over the floor or stepping on them, as well as for aesthetic purposes. Here’s a bit about the time of men luxury belts you may be able to find:

For suits, we generally use a belt no wider than 3cm with a rectangular buckle, varying usually the type of leather (it being either shiny or more matte). It will all depend on its role and the attention we wish to bring to it. Do we want a functional or more to show off? Do we want it to stand out?

For more informal happenstances, casual styles allow for logos buckles like Gucci’s Marmont logo belt or Loewe’s Anagram belt. The width is also more flexible, with up to 4cm wide  (given it’s the space allowed by belt hoops). A good luxury belt for men from a good brand can elevate a fit from common to cool in one move.

Men belts, like most other men luxury accessories, are an excellent choice for a gift. They’re easy to style with anything, and can travel around with a man much more than many other items.

The latest stars have been industrial belts. Off-White and Balenciaga have both ridden the wave of the younger generation, who enjoy the modern, industrial feel of these designs emulating industrial straps. Their appearance is chunky, and their materials hyper resistant. They look great with oversized jeans, especially ripped models, ideal for those with a more urban aesthetic taste. Their colors, often vibrant, are a great touch of color to more basic looks like a good denim jean (like Jacob Cohen’s), a graphic T-Shirt (like OAMC’s or Aries’) and good sneakers like Golden Goose or Prada.

The current return of the early aughts aesthetic (early 2000s) with low rise jeans, many belts do not end up on the waist but rather over the hips. This emulates the urban style of early 90s celebrities and fashion campaigns. 

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