Born in the Monestier-de-Clermont (Mon-Cler), the French house appeared to produce the ultimate winter clothes for snowy landscapes. Its mainline and ready to wear has expanded in different years, and their lines have gone from winter jackets to Moncler polo shirts, Moncler shirts, Moncler caps, hats, beanies…

As the official provider for the French ski team in the Olympic Games in the 1970-71 edition, the quality and identity of the label has been celebrated by many in all spheres of day to day life. From the formality and simplicity of their polo shirts, to their extremely luxurious down and quilted coats and their popular lacquered finish, many have already joined the Moncler game. 

Moncler men clothing at Ottodisapietro

The Moncler clothing and Moncler menswear selection at Ottodisanpietro is becoming a staple of our company. The collection of products available every year is aimed at fulfilling various requirements. First is diverse appeal, meaning all of our clientele’s taste is taken into account. Second is functionality, as we do want you to purchase pieces that will become icons in your closet.

Curating luxury clothing in a sea of options is no easy feat, but in our stores we manage to bring you the best in both classic and creative options to wear on the daily.

Moncler fashion and Moncler menswear: an international appeal

Moncler menswear is filled with polar opposites when it comes to their offerings, which is one of the secrets to this French powerhouse’s success. From coats that withstand the most frigid temperatures to more sporty selections of hats, caps and polo shirts, Moncler menswear is highly diverse. The international, trend-proof appeal of their production is seen in every continent, from major cities like New York, Milan and Tokyo to smaller cities like Copenhaguen, and even the smaller populations of small coastal towns worldwide.

Moncler menswear is here to stay, and at Ottodisanpietro we bring you the very best. 

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