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Top Men's Fashion Trends 2024

Top Men's Fashion Trends 2024

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How men can dress for a summer wedding

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As one of the most well-known outerwear garments globally, Moncler men's down jackets dominate the down jacket sector. From their quilted silhouettes to designs in glossy or matte finishes, these coats have been at the forefront of international coat fashion since the '70s.

Moncler was born in France in the '50s as a specialised technical apparel brand for winter sports. Over time, it has achieved triumphs, ranging from supplying uniforms to the French ski team to becoming one of the most recognized names worldwide.

Moncler men's coats at OTTODISANPIETRO man

An essential element of our philosophy is timelessness. And this is a requirement that Moncler jackets consistently fulfil. Their commitment to timeless silhouettes and timeless models allows their collections to function year after year, connecting seasons with a common thread of quality and exquisite production.

Their ability to remain in our wardrobe in perfect condition makes them highly sought-after pieces. Typically, these Moncler jackets are quilted models with different panels divided by nylon thread and exclusive quality heat-sealing. They feature long sleeves, except, of course, for vest models, and may or may not have a hood with the option of removal.

The colours we select are neutral and timeless chromatic ranges with the occasional accent of colour. This ensures that the jackets are pieces that last in our wardrobe and style for future decades.

Moncler Down Jackets: Pioneers in Sustainability and Fair Labor

Through a manifesto, the Moncler Group has expressed its commitment to transparency and ethical treatment for both animals and each of its suppliers and workers. Their contribution to sustainability has set a milestone in the textile industry, laying the groundwork for other brands to express their commitment to protecting workers and the environment.

Moncler has been a pioneering brand from the beginning. Its collaborations in the 2010s and 2020s with high fashion designers such as Pierpaolo Piccioli have established it as a benchmark beyond exclusively sportswear, making an effective leap into internationally renowned fashion.