OAMC Men's Jackets


OAMC is hailed as one of the quintessential high end luxury modern brands. Their laid back style is now very popular among men both young and mature, paying attention to quality products that stand the test of time. And the OAMC coat and OAMC jacket are no different.

How does a OAMC jacket or OAMC coat look?

Usually, OAMC pieces are very lightweight. Their current, technical materials build up the design process from the sketch to the stores. And their new RE:WORK line gives a second life to used, military M65 blankets. This gives for a unique resulting piece for each production. The sleek, light feel and look of many of their OAMC coats and OAMC jackets are ideal for those most on the go, providing immediate style results when purchasing and wearing each item.

Story of the OAMC jackets

The brand was founded by Luke Meier and Arnaud Faeh in 2013 after a considerable stint both at Supreme and Carhartt respectively. This combination of streetwear giant experience and their desire to create the ultimate streetwear brand focused on the process, gave way to the successful launch of their brand. Their acronym stands for a different name each season. It is all made and designed in Italy, although many of their shows have happened in the city of Paris.

Their most popular piece is by far the liner jackets (named Combat), that paved the way for a new type of product for men in the industry. The military inspiration is particularly visible in their Combat jackets.

Oftentimes, their modern and sophisticated pieces include a silk patch on the high back. These patches show majestic scenes designed for the season, or the simplicity of the brand’s logo.

How does one wear a OAMC jacket or a OAMC coat?

OAMC coats and OAMC jackets are wearable in everyday occasions. Their original yet simple look and feel makes them a great piece to elevate more basic outfits. Pieces like OAMC jackets and OAMC coats are ideal for when we feel less inspired or we don’t have a lot of time to dress, adding a touch of style and luxury to our on-the-go attire.

Their OAMC RE:WORK pieces also add a touch of originality, given that the fabrics sourced are actually given a second life. Thus, the resulting OAMC coats and OAMC jackets are unique in their own way, with unique markings reminding us of the past life of each design.


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