If there is one piece that is universally adored, internationally known and timelessly iconic, those are Prada’s bags. Prada is a great Italian fashion brand known for its modern elegance and cinematic sophistication. Their bags are one of their most iconic items. The brand has ideated several models that have left a lasting impact in fashion, becoming objects of desire to many lovers of the industry. 

Famous Prada bags

One of the most famous bags Prada is the Galleria bag, a structured bag for daily use, with clean lines and a minimalist touch. This bag is perfect to use daily, and its timeless design makes it a classic piece. Another iconic Prada bag is their Prada Re-edition bag in nylon, an iconic model from the early 2000s that has come back strong time and time again during the 2010s and the 2020s. Its compact size and contemporary silhouette make it a key piece of the Prada wardrobe. New models keep coming every year, adapting to the path of the brand and symbolising new steps in their evolution. Namely, the new Prada Symbole bag, a triangular shaped bag inspired by the house’s iconic symbol of the triangle, is now a regular on our shelves and on the most stylist shoulders worldwide.

The exquisite quality and historic artisanship of the house are key to the fabrication of Prada bags. The label uses exclusive materials in their bags to create long lasting pieces for decades to come. 

Materials and fabrics in Prada women’s bags

One of their pioneering and most innovative is their Re:Nylon, a sustainable version of nylon used in their bags since the 80s. The Re:Nylon is sourced from recycled materials, such as fishing nets rescued and extracted from the ocean. This is one way Prada contributes to sustainability in a pioneer way in the industry. 

Another more characteristic material from the Prada house is their Saffiano leather, one of the most popular materials used in the creation of Prada’s bags. This kind of leather is known for its durability and incomparable resistance to scratches, making it a perfect option for a daily used bag. The Saffiano leather is characterised by its textured surface, giving a distinct and timelessly luxurious appeal. On top of these respected materials, plaques with logos, embossed and embroideries with the unmistakable label further amplify the legacy of the Italian fashion giant. 



Prada bags have been a key player in the industry for many decades now, permeated to the world of films and pop culture, and being worn by celebrities and industry leaders worldwide.

The Prada bag is a masterpiece of Italian artisanship. As a central pillar of the OTTODISANPIETRO philosophy, the Italian powerhouse and the iconicity of their bags transcend times and seasons. Many of the label's most famous bags have been and continue to return to our stores, always balancing the iconic models with the new respectable designs the brand keeps solidly introducing.


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