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The Row Women's Bags

Park Tote Three Bag in LeatherPark Tote Three Bag in LeatherPark Tote Three Bag in LeatherPark Tote Three Bag in LeatherPark Tote Three Bag in Leather
Envelope bagEnvelope bagEnvelope bagEnvelope bag
Sale price1.510 €
Nu Twin BagNu Twin BagNu Twin BagNu Twin BagNu Twin Bag
Sale price1.840 €
XL Idaho bagXL Idaho bagXL Idaho bag
Sale price1.840 €
Sofia 8.75 Shoulder BagSofia 8.75 Shoulder BagSofia 8.75 Shoulder Bag
Sale price4.330 €
Allie bagAllie bagAllie bag
Sale price2.880 €

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Among their most well-known pieces, The Row bags hold a high position on the podium. Icons of minimalism, sophistication, and 1990s style. Each The Row handbag is a collectible piece, with exquisite quality that transcends its practicality to timeless limits.

Within the diversity of the house's handbags, there are central pillars that make them unmistakable. The first would be the masterfully designed structure. Created with broad influence from 20th-century artists, such as Pablo Picasso; these bags maintain a functional structure while exploring the boundaries of creativity. Their presence in a wardrobe is always prominent.

Another central pillar of the brand is the legendary quality imbued in discreet and timeless pieces. As established heirs of 1990s style, the simplicity and purity of forms explored for the modern woman are their hallmark. All this exploration unfolds without compromising their quality at any moment.

Famous models of The Row women’s bags

Among The Row bag collections, standout fashion pieces appear. Some of them become regulars in their collections, regardless of their appearance on the runways.

Just like their clothing, the bags have their own names. For example, the The Row Margaux bag is an established icon of the house. Its silhouette, which can be either simple or with a belt detail for closure, exemplifies perfectly the purest essence of the house. This model is seen in the hands of major fashion stars for its versatility. With its less-is-more approach, The Row achieves handbag designs that transcend all seasons.

The Envelope Bags collections from The Row are a signature of the house, combining their concepts of simplicity and discretion in pieces suitable for both day and night. Other models like the Sofia 10.00 The Row bag or the Sofia 11.75 from the brand are part of another creative line of the house. This line, with solid structures and more rigid finishes, are another perfect companion for the modern woman in all stages of her life.