The Row Women's shoes

The Row

Beach flip flop

680 €

The Row

Kitten Pump

960 €

The Row

Flynn Loafer

1.350 €

The Row

Mensy Loafer

1.460 €

The Row

Avery Sandals

800 €

The Row

Avery Thong Sandal

800 €


Within The Row's extensive range, their shoes are an icon. Like their bags, the accessories from the New York-based house acquire the value of a collectible piece. Their design is impeccable, and their structure makes them memorable.

The Row shoes adhere to the core philosophy of the house: timeless pieces that strive for perfection. The exploration of new materials and classic silhouettes reflects a fascination with fashion. As one of the central brands at OTTODISANPIETRO, The Row focuses on pieces that can build sophisticated outfits that endure season after season.

The Secret of The Row Shoes

The Row shoes explore innovative materials that bring textures and structures never seen before. For example, in their eel skin loafers, the softness and slouchy construction of this model gives them the character of an essential yet completely reimagined piece.

As heirs to the pure, refined style of the 90s, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have built a brand on the foundation of quality and exhaustive perfection. Awarded in 2019 as the best accessories brand by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), one can expect the innovation and sales success of their accessories to be elevated.

Their The Row’s high heel shoes take on the proportions of the classic women's shoe, resulting in models that seek to amplify the intellectual and perfectly constructed air that characterizes them. The colour palettes are generally neutral, staying true to the spirit of their ready-to-wear line. With the usual accent of colour in shades of lilac, terracotta, greens, and yellows; the chromatic ranges of the house are part of The Row's minimalist essence.

Among their best-known models, at OTTODISANPIETRO, one can regularly find their various soft leather loafers. Their sandals and summer pieces reinterpret this feminine footwear in high-quality versions with luxurious finishes in exclusive leathers. The signature heel shoes, usually kitten heels or low heels, are a crucial part of the house's range of options.

Their shoes are the perfect complement to both minimalist and maximalist outfits. While the essence of The Row consists of pure pieces layered with a minimalist sensibility, their shoes, due to their purity, can be part of ensembles with statement pieces and bring harmony to the overall look.

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