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The Row Women's dresses

Izumi dressIzumi dressIzumi dress
Sale price1.830 €
Isora dressIsora dress
Sale price1.680 €
Sauble DressSauble Dress
Sale price755 € Regular price1.510 €
Constantine DressConstantine DressConstantine DressConstantine DressConstantine Dress
Sale price1.155 € Regular price2.310 €

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The Row dresses explore the creative conceptuality of the brand. Born in New York in 2006, named after the famous Savile Row in London, the luxury New York-based label entered the market to create perfect pieces.

Their creative exploration began with a white t-shirt, which both creative directors (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) decided to investigate for perfection. Here begins and establishes the creative dynamic of the well-known brand, a leader in the resurgence of 90s style. Their collections are crafted around the research of classic pieces with new volumes, patterns, and silhouettes, always made with the most exclusive fabrics on the market.

Within The Row dresses, which have their own names such as the Pamula, Bamaris, Constantine, and Sauble dresses, you'll find a variety of shapes ranging from the most classic (always with a refreshing twist) to the creative offshoots of The Row.

How to properly style a dress from The Row

Dresses, like other pieces from The Row, are almost collector's items. They are always presented in the form of exclusive events closed to the public, which are impossible to access without an invitation and only offer a limited image gallery. These dresses tell a story of passion for art and a revaluation of fashion.

Their silhouettes resemble sculptural pieces, embracing the woman's body and creating new silhouettes with a high degree of conceptual and artistic flair. The sartorial quality of the brand shines in all its splendor thanks to the quality of the manufacturing processes and the carefully and exhaustively selected fabrics.

The colour ranges of The Row dresses fall within the known palette of neutral colours, such as whites, blacks, beiges, sands, greys, and similar shades. These palettes, with occasional accents of colour in their different collections, reinforce the timeless character of the brand's pieces. The artistic philosophy and inspiration of The Row turn their pieces into canvases where imagination can run wild, offering each customer a new universe of possibilities of the finest quality.

As part of more austere and simple ensembles, a The Row dress can be paired with statement jewellery to maintain the dress's prominence but with a sense of creative composition. The intellectual air of their cuts allows for a range of occasions for these dresses, from moments of celebration and inaugurations to domestic days when we feel like exuding the mystique of good fashion.