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Men's Sunglasses

Forte square sunglassesForte square sunglassesForte square sunglasses
Logo-print square-frame sunglassesLogo-print square-frame sunglasses
Rectangular frame sunglassesRectangular frame sunglasses
Rectangular-frame sunglassesRectangular-frame sunglassesRectangular-frame sunglassesRectangular-frame sunglasses
Square frame sunglassesSquare frame sunglasses
Sale price280 €
Square acetate and metal sunglassesSquare acetate and metal sunglassesSquare acetate and metal sunglasses

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Sunglasses first appeared in 12th century China, with the goal of hiding judges’ eyes when they made their verdict. Nowadays, men sunglasses still have a language of their own, on top of being a kew element of men fashion outfits. Many new proposals combine elegance, class, modernity and practicality

In 1936 the first polarized glasses for men appeared, and the boom of Hollywood in the 40s made them popular for all genders. So much so that they’ve become a key essential to head out to the streets, when going on a plain walk or just heading somewhere. Many need them to drive today, adding an extra protection to our eyes in a time of blue light and computer screens.

At Ottodisanpietro you’ll find the latest sunglasses for men. The more current models by Saint Laurent or Gucci can be seen in our stores, as well as online.

What silhouette should I choose?

When choosing the perfect frame of our sunglasses for men, something must be taken into consideration: we must love them. The internet is filled with articles on colors, face shapes, sizes… But the most important factor when buying men designer sunglasses, or any kind of item, is that we love it and want to wear it.

The current trend is no-trend. It is all worth it when being true to our style and our definition of comfort. Thus, perhaps another important factor, other than being in love with the item, is to  think of the use we’ll give them.

Do you tend to be photosensitive or undersleep? Maybe then an oversized pair of men sunglasses with strong opacity are your best ally. Are you more into vintage fashion? Smaller frames an lenses are then your better choice. 

Why invest in men designer sunglasses?

If it wasn’t already obvious, it’s about your health. Our eyes are our most sensitive organs, and today’s pollution and excessive screen time make us deserving of extra protection. Thus a good pair of sunglasses for men would not only be your favorite daily accessory, but a regular form of care for your eyes. 

Photosensitivity is a growing issue, and the constant, unconscious frowning it bring can speed up signs of aging like wrinkles. That’s why it our eye health can be aided with a good pair or two of sunglasses, helping us relax our facial muscles and keeping our sight younger for longer. 
Gucci sunglasses