Loewe is the luxury label that made craftsmanship cool again. With the appointment of Jonathan W. Anderson in 2013, the Spanish luxury powerhouse saw a complete rebirth marrying the classic appeal and leathwork of the house and a youthful, current way of life. Loewe fashion is known for maintaining a solid grip on international craftsmanship, mostly from its country of origin: Spain. The extreme quality of the artisanship in Spain is brought to new relevance standards through the work of brands like Loewe.

Loewe by Jonathan Anderson explores always new ways of presenting collections through boundless imagination and new iconography. The imagery of the house is often connected to nature and human expression, combining the beauty of arts and crafts with the organic magnetism found in true nature. Loewe womenswear combines both natural and manmade beauty to present new collections and shapes that become fixtures for each season.

Loewe clothes at Ottodisanpietro

The collections of Loewe fashion each season offer every category there is in the luxury fashion market. From gorgeous Loewe bags and Loewe shoes, Loewe wallets and Loewe accessories, Loewe dresses, Loewe jumpers and Loewe sweaters, Loewe trousers, Loewe jackets… Loewe covers all bases of fashion. And we, accordingly, offer all bases of Loewe.

The Loewe woman is charismatic, unique and unafraid to stand out in her own elegance and curiosity. Loewe accessories always add a touch of craftsmanship to the Loewe looks, combining modernity and tradition in a perfect match. The Loewe clothing pieces for women at Ottodisanpietro are the perfect capsule of the trends of the moment and our own timeless, understated approach to elegance. Loewe always brings a lighthearted spirit to premium fashion, meaning our stores are freshened up each season with new Loewe selections of the very best pieces.

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