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Chelsea ankle boots

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Among the many popular options of Loewe footwear, Loewe boots explore a myriad of aesthetics and functionalities in impeccable ways. Women’s boots must be functional apart from visually attractive. Their use, mostly in the colder months, is usually accompanied by lower temperatures and more adverse climatological conditions. Thus, Loewe boots for women fulfil a functional role apart from a beautifying one. 

The design of Loewe boots is present in both the creativity of the runway shows as well as in purely commercial collections. The mastery over leatherwork characterising the brand from its origins is present in each model of Loewe boots

The collections of Loewe women’s boots at OTTODISANPIETRO

From the beginning and in all our Loewe selections, we advocate for a constant appreciation of the artisanship and craftsmanship involved in all pieces of the house. Each one is close to a museum piece, with a superior level of artisanship. 

The artistic vision of Loewe can be seen in designs like the Loewe Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots originate in Queen Victoria’s court in England, not long before the birth of the Loewe house. These types of modern boots appeared to be easier to put on than laced models. From them, Loewe has explored and revisited classic elements with modernising touches. The seams, angles or lack thereof and other elements like special sewing keep these boots as modern. 

Boots first appeared as an all-terrain shoe, capable of withstanding battlefields from the Modern ages, as well as favouring the crossing of watery terrains. These functions, although less bellicose, are maintained in modern boots. These are designed to keep our feet dry and insulated from humidity and lower temperatures. 

Nevertheless, Loewe by Jonathan Anderson also explores volumes and new shapes through the codes of each collection. With every new collection, there come new surprises from the house, maintaining a balance between the new and the classic without much effort.

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