Loewe Women's shirts


The fluidity of the Loewe shirts come from the elevated exquisiteness and lightness of the fabrics used to make them. High end varieties of linens, cottons, poplins and silks of the best calibre are the base upon which these items are made. Loewe women’s shirts play with their timeless appeal and trendiness, always turning towards the most innovative techniques. The cuts in these pieces are both classic and contemporary. Loewe’s elegance doesn’t need to adhere solely to classic shapes to sustain itself. Artistic elegance and sophistication in the Spanish brand launches it to explore new horizons without losing the exquisiteness in their final pieces. 

Loewe shirts for women at OTTODISANPIETRO

Our criteria in terms of curation of items balances innovation and timelessness, features that are inextricable with Loewe shirts. These play a key role in the modern woman’s job,  as they are not only the base for a solid outfit, but also constant explorations of lengths typical to the label. Jonathan Anderson consistently plays with the limits of the concepts of “classic” and “innovative”, using the brand’s imagery and symbols splashed onto embroideries, prints and aesthetic twists that are precise and precious. Loewe shirts are far from uniformed pieces; they are elements reflecting the artistic sensibility and intellectualism rooted in the brand’s ideal woman. 

Regardless of shirts having a strong association with the masculine, feminine shirts are one of the oldest pieces of women’s clothing. Their evolution from undergarments to tunics and dresses makes them a loyal companion to the female gender. Women’s shirts have explored many territories from their appearance. Despite not having had great deals of change throughout history, labels like Loewe keep women’s shirts at the forefront of the contemporary woman’s wardrobe.
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