Loewe wallets are tangible, crafted proof of the history behind the famous Spanish label. Their specialty in leatherwork, and leather crafts in general, is the origin that kickstarted Loewe’s path in fashion. From its atelier in Madrid, the brand founded by Enrique Loewe y Roessberg began its story as a leather craftsmanship business with exquisite quality products. 

This philosophy unites artisanal history and innovation, and continues to be the very soul of Loewe in the present day. But it is perhaps pieces like bags or Loewe wallets that bring us on a space-and-time journey to the brand’s beginnings. 

Loewe wallets for woman in our Ottodisanpietro collections

Apart from functional and highly optimal designs, the Loewe women’s wallets are pieces with their own language within the creative umbrella of the brand. In them, details such as logos and anagrams have their own dose of protagonist thanks to the reduced size of these items. 

Loewe wallets usually come in leather, both coin purses, cardholders and/or document holders. Same as belts, leather pieces are carefully made and selected for these articles. The mastery over leather and skin is shown through the quality and durability of these pieces.  

Our stores have ranges of these wallets and small purses that juxtaposed both tradition and innovation so characteristic of Loewe. The label plays with balances elevating craftsmanship to the position of an incalculable human value. Their global networks of artisanship, as well as their active efforts in promoting artisan work like the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize, are all a part of a complex campaign to keep alive one the oldest art forms in the world. 

You can find wallets and Loewe cardholders in our A Coruña stores, as well as in this online Loewe collection. New models arrive every season with the new codes and languages of the season, always maintaining a sense of timelessness for decades to come. Within these wallets, you can treasure some of your most prized possessions. This highlights the importance of great handmade pieces with the best materials, such as the Loewe wallets for women.
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