Loewe shoes for women are diverse and innovative. Their reinterpretations of classic silhouettes gives them an extra touch of creativity. A pair of Loewe women’s shoes are a recognizable symbol for the historical path of the label. 

Our own selections of Loewe shoes are a display of our search for talent, craftsmanship and reinvention. Prime matters and designs in these shoes and collections explore brand new horizons within Loewe footwear

Types of Loewe women’s shoes

Loewe women’s boots

Loewe boots for women are essential elements of present day fashion. In them, Jonathan Anderson and his creative team explore new forms of modernising classic pieces such as boots, both functional and aesthetic. Loewe chelsea boots are ever returning elements, and the organic in their shapes and designs make them an excellent choice for any wardrobe. 

Loewe sneakers

Loewe women’s sneakers are diverse, but it is the Loewe Flow Runner sneakers that give them the most protagonist. Made of combinations of suede panelling, with the presence of the anagram designed by painter Vicente Vela in the seventies; these models remake the running sneakers. In themselves, their design provides a touch of joy over a ready to wear shoe. However, their functionality comes into play when it comes to sports. 

Loewe heels

Loewe heels for women stand out for their originality and elegantly irreverent designs. From nail polish and soap bar-shaped heels, each season sees new bets on keeping a fun spirit with optimistic revisions of Loewe’s sophistication. 

Loewe shoes at Ottodisanpietro

Don’t miss out on visiting our stores or our website to explore the world of Loewe shoes. These imbue an optimistic spirit and youthful soul to classic shapes, uniting timeless fashion with the now.
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