Loewe’s cardholders for women are heading the work and the mastery of artisanal leatherwork of nearly 200 years of label. The Loewe brand, one of the oldest luxury brands in the world, continues to work and progress towards the future without losing sight of the craftsmanship in their beginning. 

In the 70, they saw the expansion of the label nationally and internationally thanks to the work of Enrique Loewe, great grandson of Enrique Loewe y Roessberg (the founder of the house, of German origins). Then linked through a large network of craftsman in the city of Madrid, the line continued to grow to achieve the powerhouse status it has today, both in fashion and art. Its network of artisans expands throughout all of the Iberian Peninsula. 

Loewe cardholders: simple and light

Lighter than their counterparts, the Loewe wallets, the Loewe cardholders for women showcase the beauty of simplicity, lightness and reduced volumes in accessories. Next to wallets, cardholders have spaces dedicated to holding cards almost exclusively. They usually consist of a simple layering of leather that has the approximate size of actual cards or IDs so as to carry as much as possible, but all in a very lightweight accessory. They will protect some of our most important documents, such as IDs, driving licences and credit cards. 

Loewe cardholders and Loewe wallets usually come engraved and embroidered in diverse designs over exquisite pieces of leather, treated by hand. These pieces are themselves a great source of stylistic exploration through the designs and embroideries symbolising the house. These are logos, anagrams and other classic imagery of Loewe. 

The Loewe cardholders and Loewe wallets selected at OTTODISANPIETRO 

These varieties of Loewe women’s wallets selected at OTTODISANPIETRO look for functionality and timelessness. This is achieved through a careful and balanced selection between neutrals and classics, as well as the new visual codes assigned to each collection. 

The neutral tones are easier to style and combine, although the reduced size of these accessories already makes them ideal to fit any outfit. The lightweight of these wallets makes them very easy and comfortable to carry.  



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