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Loewe Women's trousers

Cropped trousersCropped trousers
Sale price880 €
Track trousersTrack trousersTrack trousers
Sale price750 €

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Loewe trousers for women explore the capacities of many different fabrics. This makes the experience of wearing women’s trousers a whole new level of innovation and exquisite quality. Loewe is known for its union of both modern and classic appeal in a single collection, and even a single piece. This unites craftsmanship with the latest techniques on design and clothing. This, other than solidifying the quality of their items, keeps the craftsmanship alive in a very competitive environment. 

Trousers for women are just celebrating a century in women’s wardrobes. Once a political statement, the pant began to symbolise women’s liberation and an equating to men’s rights. Currently, it is hard to imagine a world with the diversity of women’s trousers we know today. 

Loewe women’s trousers selected at OTTODISANPIETRO

Loewe explores the communion of the new and the classic; the artistic and the wearable; the creative and the innovative. Loewe trousers are no exception to this, but a sign of this modernising spirit. The Loewe clothing explores the overall symbology of the house with clothing emulating positive emotions, beauty, art and optimism. 

In our stores, Loewe trousers go from simple denim jeans with Loewe patches on the back pockets, to jogging trousers and pinstripe trousers models. Loewe pants are diverse and varied. These continue to explore the harmony of different cuts and textures, choosing anything from the softest cottons to nappa leather in the process. Many of these varieties are of such aesthetic value that they overtake the covers and fashion editorials of the best magazines in the world. 

The creativity of the Spanish label knows no limits, and with Jonathan Anderson heading its creativity, the label explores the connection between the classic and the youthful in awe inspiring ways. Within the creative imagery of the label, its trousers further root the creativity of the house in pieces both wearable and sophisticated. You can discover a diverse selection of Loewe trousers in our stores for men, women and online.