Loewe Women's jumpers


Loewe jumpers for women are some of the most original and sought after in the fashion industry. The exquisite quality and high end sophistication of the designs becomes a game of balance, between creativity and timelessness. Through their sweaters and other knitwear pieces, Loewe expresses widely an added value proposition of the brand: creativity and boundless optimism. 

The Spanish-born fashion powerhouse plays with their logos and other symbols to bring back freshness to each collection, with models in different thickness and levels of warmth to bring with us all year around. 

Loewe sweaters for women selected at Ottodisanpietro

The versatility and durability of these pieces is one of the many reasons they are brought to our stores. Labels like Loewe efficiently fulfil all aspects we look for in a brand. Sweaters and knitwear pieces of the brand are a constant reinvention of themselves. 

The textures of many of these pieces play on trompe l’œils, embroideries and embossments bring a whole tactile experience to these sweaters. In our store locations in A Coruña, as well as in our online selection of pieces, Loewe jumpers can be found as designed by Jonathan Anderson. 

Jonathan Anderson knows how to unite the historical essence of Loewe with its youthful sophistication and penchant for jovial items. So much so, touches of humour and positivity inundate his collection with his impeccable taste. Ever since his appointment as Creative Director of the house in 2013, the label has been celebrated time and time again by clients for their level of innovation. All whilst remaining rooted in their historic tradition of origin. 

The chromatic ranges in these knitwear items are of the most salient, exploring from neutral tones to the more vibrant hues. These can turn into the centrepiece of any given daily outfit. You can find broad collections of these sweaters in our Ottodisanpietro stores and on our website.

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