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Men's Sandals

Culver SandalsCulver SandalsCulver Sandals
Sale price595 €
Buckle-fastening sandalsBuckle-fastening sandalsBuckle-fastening sandalsBuckle-fastening sandals
Sale price790 €
Sunday MuleSunday MuleSunday MuleSunday MuleSunday Mule
Sale price950 €
Fisherman sandalsFisherman sandalsFisherman sandalsFisherman sandals
Sale price940 €
Cassandra buckle-fastening sandalsCassandra buckle-fastening sandalsCassandra buckle-fastening sandals

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Sandals for men

Men sandals have been increasingly winning over fans season after season. Like many other accessories trending right now, sandals first appeared in the ancient civilizations and are the oldest footwear known to us. A specific pair dates back to around 9000 years.

Currently, luxury brand collaborations and rising global temperatures have contributed to the rise of men sandals in every modern man’s wardrobe. New materials are in, apart from the classic men leather sandals, we now find more sustainable and vegan-friendly options such as rubber and straw. Men sandals can be our best choice for comfort, and new trends have arise like wearing them with jazzy socks to accentuate looks. Sandals for men are versatile and here to stay. 

Other uses for men sandals

Men sandals in synthetic materials are excellent as slipper to wear around the house, and fantastic for those gym users looking to protect their feet in the shower from infections. This type of footwear is usually called flip-flop (thong, in Australia) for the sound they make while we walk in them. In Spanish, the term ‘sandal’ for sandals for men is used interchangeably. The word itself comes from Greek and Latin, meaning ‘wooden sole’. This might of been due to the use of sandalwood as the main source of material, but the true origins are still unknown. 

The best designer sandals for men

The best men designer sandals by high fashion brands like Moncler, Prada and givenchy have all given into the creation of great men sandals to support our feet daily. Functional and comfy, they’re ideal for their quality. 

Furthermore, other than sandals men lines from our usual designers, we also sell brand collaborations such as Birkenstock x Jil Sander and the likes. Brand associations are growing in number, and they help build creative bridges between brands in an otherwise highly competitive market. The resulting collections are exclusive models of terrific design overlapping the souls of the creatives involved. 


Suicoke Moncler
Church's Givenchy