Men's Accessories

Maison Margiela

Four-stitch cardholder

225 €


GG Supreme belt

385 €

Bottega Veneta

Cassette credit card case

320 €

Bottega Veneta

Cassete bi-fold wallet

490 €


GG baseball cap

340 €


GG bucket hat

430 €


EKD cardholder

230 €


GG logo belt

390 €


Fedora hat

340 €


Web-stripe socks

160 €


EKD leather wallet

390 €


Cotton baseball cap

420 €

Saint Laurent

Logo-embroidered cotton cap

395 €


Capullo bandana

210 €


Microdots silk tie

110 €


Men ’s accessories continue to lead sales in men ‘s fashion. Menswear accessories of all shapes and colors are present both in our web and in store. We have men bags, men shawls and men belts, but our selection doesn’t just stop there. 

Sunglasses first appeared in 12th century China to hide the eyes of judges as they made their verdicts. But it wasn’t until 1936 when the first polarized sunglasses appeared. Movie stars popularized them for both men and women.

Nowadays, sunglasses are considered by many as an essential accessory for the street, especially when going on walks. 

At Ottodisanpietro, you will find the latest sunglasses for men. The most current models by brands like Saint Laurent or Gucci can be found in our stores, as well as online.

A good belt for men can completely change one’s image. Belts have diverse buckles and widths depending on their function.

A 3cm belt is the ideal for suits, with a rectangular buckle. They can be found both on matte and shiny finish.

For more casual situations, we can don logoed belts like the Marmont by Gucci or the anagram by Loewe. Their width goes  up to 4cm, which is as much as belt hoops will allow.

Men belts, like the rest of luxury men accessories, are a great choice for a gift. 

As days get longer, there comes the need to seek quality materials to protect our heads. Our selection of hats for men and caps for men at Ottodisanpietro is by the best brands. Among them we have caps for men Loewe, caps for men Moncler, caps for men Gucci and Prada and a constant stream of new additions.

For when its cold, we also have men beanies like OAMC beanies to keep our minds warm. Knitted hats for men can be found made of both wool and/or cashmere.

Neckerchiefs for men by Etro, Burberry in luxurious fabrics for men. Classic patterns in men scarves by high end designers. These options are perfect to accessorize men designer clothes with men luxury accessories.

Scarves and shawls by Gucci in wool and cashmere are the perfect men accessory for a gift.

Etro ’s shawls are characterized by their iconic patterns inspired by the trips of the Etro family to India. To this day, they’re one of their most popular products.

We also offer you Faliero Sarti, of Italian production and high quality materials.

When it comes to ties, they’re an accessory that’s been losing traction in the past few years due to the rise of casual wear. But ties will always be necessary for certain events and meetings. Gucci, Canali and Etro’s ties will perfectly polish your look. 

A growing industry every year. New generations are adding jewelry to their daily looks through men necklaces, men bracelets and men rings. It is a trend inspired both in the surf and punk cultures.

Saint Laurent, Prada, Jil Sander and Givenchy propose men accessories that  are essential, and that we at Ottodisanpietro joyfully curate for you.

Other accessories we have in store…

AirPod cases and AirPor Pro cases are a vibrant and original way to keep the new start gadget safe. Keychains and tags for men are also chosen every season to bring to the store.

Men socks, men cufflinks for men suits and mobile necklaces are other diverse options among our men accessories to be found in stores. 

Men's Accessories Brands:

Men accessories:
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