Loafers men and moccasins men

Originally thought of as slippers for king George VIth of England, loafersfor men grew in popularity in the 1930s as informal footwear. In the 60s, it became the go-to shoe for businessmen and lawyers in the United States, emerging as the epitome of formal shoes. Ever since, moccasins men and loafers for men have become synonymous with masculine elegance. 

The different types of loafers are defined by the embellishments on their arch or their type of sole. Loafers with a rubber or leather sole usually have a strap or ‘’saddle’’, a flat tongue or decorative tassels. These signature elements in men designer loafershighlight the personal style of those wearing them. 

Brands of loafers men

Church’s is hailed as the quintessential loafer brand for more formal models. One of the best brands of men loafers, it has a long trajectory alongside great men in recent history. Accompanying Winston Churchill himself to each one of his most important events, the Oxford and Derby models have always been ahead of men loafers.

Within moccasinsfor men, we also find the iconic Tod’s gomminos with a more recent history. In 1978, the della Valle brothers launched their own brands (Tod’s). During a trip to New York City, one of them (Diego) discovered the ‘car shoes’, a form of flexible sole loafers in rubber, made to drive comfortably. He brought a pair back to Italy and redesigned them with their classic pebbled sole with 133 rubber pebbles. The success was such that it acquired cult following, populating men summer loafer closets all around the world. 

Church’s and Tod’s are leading the loafer industry with their luxurious quality. These shoes are ideal for those who wish to invest in long-lasting men loafers for every occasion. 

The spanish word for moccasins and loafers is shared, despite their clear differences. From their silhouette to their sole and finish, many are the disparities between the two main types. 


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