A special kind of artistic sensitivity brought Malaysian born designer Han Chong on the journey of his lifetime. After attending Central Saint Martins in London, he continued developing as a creator and individual in the mighty city, dabbling in art exhibitions like the 53rd edition of the Biennale itself. After such a great artistic accomplishment, he launched his own label Self-Portrait in 2013 for his unique artistic perspective to reach women all across the world. 

His work aims at dressing women all throughout their life, in big and small occasions. An easy, familiar approach to luxury is what has brought Chong great success. His intention to make great clothes accessible to more kinds of women is part of the new generations of designers mixing creativity with social awareness. 

Through his own work, he provides funding to aspiring and new artists, helping others grow to democratise opportunities for new brands and creators. 

Self-Portrait clothing at Ottodisanpietro

Self-Portrait dresses bring about a very unique yet universal beauty for all women to find themselves in it. Great quality and versatility, on top of a very genuine artistic proposal, is what makes the label perfect for Ottodisanpietro. Embellishments, layers and cuts in tulle, new colour palettes and unusual designs make him a favourite of our clients, translating into a broad array of options to choose for any occasion by the London-based brand. His lookbooks always feature global style superstars, going about their life in majestic cities, contextualising the universality of his dresses.

Han Chong’s pieces come in exploratory colours and textures, bringing about new sensitivity and attention to detail to both new and old silhouettes for party dresses. The brand is ideal for any kind of formal events (like weddings and graduations) or more informal, family celebrations (such as birthdays or the holiday season). This is so thanks to its unique versatility and wearability, meaning Han’s project worked out just the way he dreamed.

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