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Top Men's Fashion Trends 2024

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Herno men coats and Herno raincoat men are the result of a historical evolution. As a piece, their attention is on functionality over appearance and the main characteristic of their products is their lightness. They base their advertising on transmitting it by always putting their clothes hanging from hooks.

Herno coat men are essentially technical pieces, valued for their exquisite techniques not just in polished cuts and designs, but rather for the technicality of its textiles. Purchasing a Herno men coat is basically acquiring the best in technical outwear, meaning whoever is wearing the Herno men coat pieces will stay dry under severe weather circumstances for decades to come.

Historical techniques at Herno coats men

Their pieces are timeless and functional. Their designs are meant to stand the test of time, focusing always on quality textiles and craftsmanship over following trends or being overly daring in the visual aspects of the product. Their technique and craftsmanship is so legendary even amongst the luxury fashion world, that the main French and Italian brands relied on Herno to produce many of their collections. This was up until the 1990s, when Claudio Marenzi (heir to the original founders of the brand in 1948), decided to halter production to other fashion houses to focus on the Herno brand itself.

Herno men coats are a mix of classic Italian style and innovative, reliable craftsmanship decades in the making. Named after the river circulating just under the original atelier, the brand of Herno men coats and Herno men raincoats or Herno raincoats men was always inspired by the water. In the late 1940s, a particularly creative and vibrant time, an abnormally wet season created a need for rain-proof clothing of quality never seen before. This opened up a whole new empty business space that its founders, Giuseppe Marenzi and wife Alessandra Diana, saw as an opportunity to create something on their own. And thus, the Herno raincoat men was born, later developing into other categories of clothing.

The Herno coats men of today

Nowadays, still producing for other brands yet in a much more reduced fashion compared to its early years, the brand is focused on versatile, technical outwear to protect against the inclemencies of the weather in wetter, more snowy climates. Their classic designs makes them perfect to combine with any outfit, giving us an extra protection with a luxurious feel reflected in the extreme quality of their Herno men coats.