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Women's Down jackets and coats

Laminar padded jacketLaminar padded jacketLaminar padded jacketLaminar padded jacket
Sale price780 €
Ultralight padded coatUltralight padded coatUltralight padded coatUltralight padded coat
Sale price645 €
Padded-panel jacketPadded-panel jacketPadded-panel jacketPadded-panel jacketPadded-panel jacket
Raie quilted jacketRaie quilted jacketRaie quilted jacketRaie quilted jacketRaie quilted jacket
Sale price1.350 €
Walibi down jacketWalibi down jacketWalibi down jacketWalibi down jacketWalibi down jacket
Ultralight giletUltralight giletUltralight giletUltralight gilet
Sale price297,50 € Regular price595 €

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Women's long down jackets have transcended functionality to become a modern symbol of style and sophistication. Their initial function as outerwear has evolved into a new essential element in the contemporary women's wardrobe.

The history of women's down jackets as a garment dates back to the early 20th century. A fisherman named Eddie Bauer nearly lost his life to hypothermia during a fishing excursion. Following his invention of a down-filled jacket, other visionary designers began experimenting with innovative materials and cuts to create warm and functional garments, but with luxurious quality. Over the decades, these coats have changed to merge modern needs with the symbolism of major brands.

How to Wear a Women's Long Down Jacket

The high demand for women's down jackets lies in their excellent insulation and warmth with a touch of style and elegance. Designed to withstand the most extreme temperatures, these coats have been embraced by customers worldwide who seek to face the cold with grace and sophistication. Their versatility makes them suitable for urban environments as well as outdoor adventures and ski resorts, providing comfort and warmth without the need for excessive layering.

Given their high demand, there is a wide range available. The diversity of colours and cuts allows for personalization to suit individual tastes and needs. These jackets are ideal for everyday wear, easily layered over casual clothing. Women's down coats pair well with jeans and boots, reinforcing the warmth they provide.

Brands of Women's Long Down Coats

In the world of high-end fashion, iconic brands have elevated women's down jackets to the category of luxury garments. Moncler and Canada Goose are two of the most sought-after brands. Both have redefined the market with cutting-edge technologies and quality, along with an unwavering commitment to more sustainable practices. Moncler, with its origins in alpine sports, has fused exclusive fashion with technical innovation, creating down jackets that are true functional beauties. Canada Goose, born in the cold northern lands, has set a standard of excellence in the production of down coats, using high-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship recognized worldwide.