Luxury designer suit jackets or luxury blazer jacket labels are aware of the need in men to dress well. This involves the use of timeless pieces that stand the test of trends. Sartorial techniques, in particular those out of Italy, present themselves as the ideal choice for elegant clients in search of designer suit jackets. A proper fit that allows form fitting shapes while also allowing for mobility and comfort for a day of work or celebrations, both are an essential prerequisite. 

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Our men suit jackets are some of the most exclusive in the world. Prada men jackets, Herno men jackets, Canali suit jackets and Gucci man jackets are direct heir to the best sartorial industry in Italy. These techniques are reflected in all elements of these designer suit jackets. From their shapes and silhouettes, to the positioning of their pockets and slits to details in the button and inner linings; men luxury suit jackets are the perfect ones for today’s gentlemen. 

Luxury brand jackets and designer suits are focused on the quality of a piece with quite conventionalized shapes. Within the array of options for men’s jackets and men’s suit jackets, there exist reinterpretations in new categories and revised silhouettes through current eyes. Elegant men jackets like Canali jackets and Herno jackets are leaders in their sectors due to their cuts and the fusion of traditional techniques with the new technologies of pattern making. These new collections further elevate the masculine shape. The luxury of dressing in these iconic luxury suit jackets by legendary labels is reflected in their durability and their universal elegance. 

Some suit jacket brands like Gucci and Prada and their Gucci suit jackets and Prada suit jackets find their identity in detailed executions and in the positioning of logos here and there, on strategic placements on the jackets. These details serve two purposes: translating the new codes of each collection, as well as reaffirming the brand’s identity through their extension into this piece. The use of new cuts and unusual closures, like double breasted or cross closures and reinforced shoulder pads, is not unusual for brands like Gucci, Prada and Jacquemus.

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