Canada Goose

Hybridge jacket

725 €

Canada Goose

Crofton padded jacket

1.025 €

Canada Goose

Lodge padded jacket

725 €


Made in Canada, Canada Goose men coats and Canada Goose men down jackets are legendary for their warmth and the quality of their materials. Recently, the brand has taken a step towards the use of real fur, pushing for a more sustainable philosophy, kinder to nature as a whole. 

A symbol of quality: Canada Goose coats for men

The Canada Goose inner down is of the warmest in the world. This is so because the feathers are harvested from extreme, frozen climates. The brand often also utilizes recycled feathers, favoring their new sustainable route. 

Each piece passes through the hands of 13 different workers in the house, testing each Canada Goose coat and Canada Goose down jacket to check the quality of its zippers, buttons and each and every seam to guarantee a technically perfect coat. The quality stamp of the Canadian production makes them a standout, and just one more reason to trust the reliability of Canada Goose coat men and Canada Goose down jacket men. 

Canada Goose men’s coats: the most resistant in today’s market

The coating level of these pieces makes for not having to wear much layers underneath them to stay warm. A thin sweater or sweatshirt are ideal to be fully comfortable, and once we entered warmer spaces, we can remove the Canada Goose men coat and perfectly adapt tp the temperature change. Their technology allows us to withstand temperatures of negative 30 degrees, making them one of the most resistant of the market. 

Their marketing strategies are highly efficient, present in international fashion magazines and movies like James Bond. Many are the celebrities who’ve been photographed in Golden Goose men jackets, which has also added to their popularity.