Stone Island Men's Jackets


Most gentlemen who experienced the 90s know the empowerment of owning a Stone Island jacket. The technology and the sporty feel attached to the Stone Island history is at the core of their success. And it is in the Stone Island jackets for men where the brand can boast their skillful art with fabric technology.

Stone Island jackets are truly the piece the house is known for. In their history of innovation, we can include pieces that change color with reaction to outer temperature, teflon metal fiber jackets, light-reflective jackets… Their classic masculine appeal and durable quality makes them a favorite of men worldwide. Associations with celebrities and collaborations with leading brands of today have further pushed the popularity of this nearly cult classic brand for most sporty men.

Their focus with Stone Island jackets, as is with many other of their pieces in their main line, is not necessarily about appearance so much but about how these pieces are made. The extreme attention to unique fabrics and details is what cements this menswear powerhouse as an Italian luxury brand of its own. Stone Island jackets are proof of this, as the quiet luxury of their appeal is a confidence booster amongst men.

For the men who wear Stone Island jackets and Stone Island coat, on the one hand you have the unmistakable Compass logo associated with all the brand’s products. On the other hand, you have a much more unique, individual quality to each product  that is their textile innovation. Fabrics of the latest generation and research are used to create Stone Island jackets.

The Stone Island jackets and Stone Island coats are a staple

Stone Island coats and Stone Island jackets are ubiquitous to today’s society. As sportswear culture does all but grow, brands like Stone Island and their models of Stone Island jacket is perfect for the climate in modern menswear. 


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