Stone Island Men's Swimwear


The latest fabric technology present in all Stone Island products is specifically relevant in Stone Island men swim shorts and Stone Island swimwear. The perfect creation of a functional piece made beautiful is crucial for a brand to demonstrate practicality and design.

Stone Island swimwear: in Nylon Metal, their invention

Stone Island swim shorts are akin to the brand’s simplicity and functionality. The Stone Island swimwear and Stone Island swim shorts are made in their exclusive Nylon Metal. This interwoven structure of the triple fiber nylon yarn and the distinct metallic sheen of their Nylon Metal gives their swimwear a futuristic shine and a functional, quick dry. Their textile research inherent to the brand brings out the greatest inventions in fabrics that are light reflective or thermoreactive.

A piece like a swim short needs to be technologically advanced. For health and safety reasons, fabrics must be somewhat protective from the sun, comfortable, and fast drying. Stone Island and their attempts at fabric revolution have mastered this technology skilfully. 


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