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Stone Island Track Pants

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Trousers by the menswear phenomenon named Stone Island trousers have become a must have piece in the ultimate masculine closet. One of our star products, beloved by many of our clients, these pants reflect a shift in menswear of this century.

The latter end of the 20th century saw a switch flip to athleisure, leaving behind the constriction of daily wear clothes that emulated those meant for the office hours. There became a separation between leisure and work, and the former underwent a ‘’sophistization’’ that adapted to life away from sport. The rise of sport and athlete culture gave way for what we know as athleisure today, and brands like Stone Island and their Stone Island trousers have taken athlete’s wear to modern, luxurious heights, providing premium quality Stone Island trousers that are often experimenting with fabrics, shapes and colors.

Stone Island trousers: pants for the everyday man

Deeply ingrained in English football culture, and consequently, in the worldwide obsession with the monolithic sport; Stone Island trousers reinterpret this sporty piece into new, wearable versions of the patterns for the everyday man. Stone Island is a brand for the trendy, relaxed man of today.

The new modern man does it all. Business, golf, travel, family activities… Brands like Stone Island have noticed this new environment, and they have provided for the man of today a wide array of options based around technicality, simplicity and exploration in fabrics and colors.

The types of Stone Island trousers: Stone Island cargo pants, Stone Island shorts

Stone Island is unafraid to explore all options of Stone Island trousers for men. Stone Island shorts are fantastic travel and summer options, maintaining the Stone Island identity in a comfortable, modern essential.

Stone Island cargo pants are the most popular from the brand. This variant of the men’s trousers are using the traditional shapes of these pants for gentlemen who seek comfort and a sporty, youthful and relaxed aesthetic.