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Stone Island Men's Sweatshirts

Logo-print sweatshirtLogo-print sweatshirtLogo-print sweatshirtLogo-print sweatshirtLogo-print sweatshirtLogo-print sweatshirt
Compass-patch sweatshirtCompass-patch sweatshirtCompass-patch sweatshirtCompass-patch sweatshirtCompass-patch sweatshirtCompass-patch sweatshirt
Compass-badge sweatshirtCompass-badge sweatshirtCompass-badge sweatshirtCompass-badge sweatshirtCompass-badge sweatshirt
Compass-badge zip-up hoodieCompass-badge zip-up hoodieCompass-badge zip-up hoodieCompass-badge zip-up hoodieCompass-badge zip-up hoodie
Compass-badge hoodieCompass-badge hoodieCompass-badge hoodieCompass-badge hoodie
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The Stone Island jumpers are simple and innovative, and it is their simplicity and ease that have won over many of our clients over the years. The brand is a safe bet for those with a young, sporty spirit. The comfort of their fabrics and the universality of the Stone Island sweatshirt designs is the reason why buyers keep going back to Stone Island, knowing that behind their every piece is textile innovation and modern Italian luxury.

Stone Island sweatshirts are ubiquitous in modern times. The celebrated compass patch has become synonymous with the most luxurious streetwear made in Italy. The collections in vibrant colors have lived through a constant uptick in popularity ever since its beginning in 1982. 

Stone Island sweatshirts

The creations of crew-necks in greens, coral reds, blues, purples, blacks and whites conquered the hearts of many men around the world. The brand, known for its textile innovation, including fabrics that are trademark under their Stone Island label such as the Thermosensitive fabric and the Reflective fabric. The former reacts to the outer temperature and self-regulates its own warmth, the latter is composed of thousands of micro crystal shards that reflect light.

Stone Island men's sweatshirts also explore a broad array of colors, giving men the option of incorporating new color palettes into their wardrobe at will. In the more neutral, classic realm of menswear, Stone Island sweatshirt color choices are a breath of fresh air. 

Apart from colours, designs and textile innovation, Stone Island sweatshirts are most recognisable by their compass patch on the left sleeve. This patch with buttons, that went from a green rim to a black rim in the early 2000s, is like a code of communication for fans of the brand. It is a symbol of belonging to the Stone Island universe.