Women’s swimwear brands stand on a middle ground between the embrace of new designs and trends, and the sophistication of the one piece swimsuits with their characteristic cinematic elegance. 

Women’s swimsuits, much like men’s, keep their key elegance with up-to-date creations combined with the latest technological advances both in production and textiles. Quick drying fabrics are greatly important for this kind of item, since swimwear brands are cognisant of the potential health benefits of updated swimwear. Fast drying fabrics avoid cold exposure, as well as keep optimal hygienic conditions. In some instances, new swimwear materials may provide protection against UV rays, as part of all the new technologies in 21st century textiles. 

Modern swimwear is increasingly used in combination with other pieces as ready to wear during vacation, such as with summer dresses. This kind of styling keeps us ocean or pool-ready for any occasion.

Women’s designer swimsuits at the Ottodisanpietro stores

The most celebrated fashion labels bring about their own tradition and history to the most updated designs in women’s swimwear. From their most recognizable prints to the latest textile technology, labels like Burberry, Etro, Bottega Veneta and Gucci explore the ways to accompany women on their days off work. 

You can find both online and in our brick and mortar stores a curated selection balancing the novelties of well made swimwear. Each brand brings in their very own identity to each piece. Discover the latest swimwear for women collections at Ottodisanpietro with every new season.

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