Isabel Marant Women's swimsuits

Isabel Marant

Swan swimsuit

250 €

Isabel Marant

Sage swimsuit

250 €


Isabel Marant swimwear is an effortless way to bring the fresh and youthful style of the designer to any vacation or recreational destination. Her 80s-inspired designs, as well as the vibrant colors of her bikinis, attract attention with their attractive design and colorful appeal.

The Isabel Marant swimsuit is a long-lasting piece in our wardrobe. This is not only due to the quality of its fabrics and the meticulous craftsmanship of the models that come out of the factory but also to the timeless approach to fashion by the creator. Its position in the swimwear fashion market is due to much more than just carrying the designer's name.


Isabel Marant Swimwear at OTTODISANPIETRO

Swimwear is often overlooked since the advent of new fashion trends. However, looking stylish even during leisure moments in nature or at resorts should not be underestimated. We don't have to feel any less chic during our moments of relaxation, and top brands know how to accompany us and elevate our look in all moments of our lives.

The consistent inspiration from those beloved 80s years is evident throughout the designer's entire line. Perhaps, it is even more prominent in her Isabel Marant swimwear line. Within Isabel Marant's main line, her swimsuits stand out as a proposal that enhances our style during moments of relaxation.

One of the main ways to elevate our vacation outfits is with a pareo or a skirt over the swimsuit, as well as a wide-brimmed hat or a straw basket from our selection in stores. Accessorizing is key in our summer ensembles, as the simplicity of swimwear allows for greater expression in the accessories sector. However, with pieces like Isabel Marant swimsuits, it won't be necessary to overdo the ensemble to shine with their designs.

You can find full-body swimsuits, one-piece maillots, or bikinis of various styles thanks to our selection of Isabel Marant swimwear in our OTTODISANPIETRO stores. Discover everything you need for a luxurious summer in our OTTODISANPIETRO women's stores and on our website.

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