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Max Mara Women's Clothing

Baleari dressBaleari dressBaleari dressBaleari dress
Sale price1.399 €
Hangar trousersHangar trousersHangar trousersHangar trousersHangar trousers
Sale price379 €
Navigli trousersNavigli trousersNavigli trousersNavigli trousers
Sale price349 €
Angelo jumperAngelo jumperAngelo jumperAngelo jumper
Sale price419 €
Angelo sweaterAngelo sweaterAngelo sweater
Sale price419 €
Segale trousersSegale trousersSegale trousersSegale trousersSegale trousers
Sale price789 €
Freccia jumperFreccia jumperFreccia jumperFreccia jumper
Sale price595 €
Katanga CardiganKatanga CardiganKatanga CardiganKatanga Cardigan
Sale price955 €
Vertigo ShirtVertigo ShirtVertigo ShirtVertigo Shirt
Sale price489 €
Segnale jeansSegnale jeansSegnale jeansSegnale jeansSegnale jeansSegnale jeans
Sale price359 €
Casarsa jumperCasarsa jumperCasarsa jumperCasarsa jumper
Sale price245,40 € Regular price409 €
Mira trousersMira trousersMira trousersMira trousers
Sale price257,40 € Regular price429 €
Mendoza trousersMendoza trousersMendoza trousersMendoza trousers
Sale price227,40 € Regular price379 €
Show topShow topShow topShow topShow top
Sale price249 €
Cottonci ParkaCottonci ParkaCottonci ParkaCottonci Parka
Sale price471 € Regular price785 €

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Max Mara has become a point of reference in what corresponds to chic, easy and the utmost Italian ready to wear. The natural elegance of the clothes, the legendary Max Mara coats and the luxurious soft fabrics, are all the personal business cards of the Max Mara brand. 

Our collections of Max Mara are complete, including everything from the legendary Max Mara coats and Max Mara sweaters, to trousers, accessories, basic pieces like plain and designed t-shirts. Our women’s stores also include selections by ‘S Max Mara, the younger line of the Max Mara brand intended to dress more simple, sober tastes. 


Max Mara at Ottodisanpietro

Mar Mara is the quintessential simple luxury, a simplicity that has managed to expand to over 2,000 stores worldwide. Max Mara prizes practicality and functionality, preferring pieces that are meant to be used on the daily and for a long time than mere trends of the season. The Max Mara woman is one who cherishes well made simple pieces, exploring fashion in search of timeless sophistication and pieces that are worth her time. The exquisite craftsmanship of Max Mara clothing shines in its quality. 

The legendary coats by the brand, known for their exclusive qualities, exquisite designs and exotic fabrics, are often in our store locations. The Manuela, Pauline, Ludmilla, and the rest of names of Max Mara coats are habitual in our stores. 

Achille Maramotti, founder of the brand in 1947, was one of the first to venture onto the mass creation of high-end designer clothing in the 20th century. Years of cumulative success precede a name that has become an essential to style icons all across the globe. Although the coats by Max Mara are their most famous piece worldwide, with legendary models always included in their collections; their full ready to wear range includes Max Mara dresses, Max Mara t-shirts, Max Mara sweatshirts and Max Mara jumpers. Max Mara trousers and so on are a popular choice amongst style moguls everywhere.