Jil Sander men's clothing


Jil Sander

Cropped straight-leg trousers

434 € 620 €

Jil Sander

Print wool Jumper

1.250 €

Jil Sander


690 €

Jil Sander

Cotton chino trousers

490 € 700 €

Jil Sander

W 01 Suit

2.610 €

Jil Sander

Crew-neck jumper

580 €

Jil Sander

Crew-neck t-shirt

120 €

Jil Sander

W 01 Coat

2.400 €

Jil Sander

Logo hoodie

440 €

Jil Sander

Oversized parka

1.550 €


When Heidemarie Jiline Sander (Jil Sander) launched her brand in 1968, the fashion crowd was originally reticent to her now iconic minimalism. In a time of maximalism and differentiation, her first Paris show of 1975 was not taken too openly. However, her German consistency and legendary work ethic proved everyone her worth overtime. By the 1990s, one could not flip a fashion magazine without seeing her name on it, leading the way in the new climate of simplicity, minimalism and easy beauty.

The vision of Jil Sander for men

Jil Sander menswear is the most influential line in men’s clean, understated luxury fashion. The legacy of the German house, now associated with their showings in Milan and Paris, is one of modern luxury that continues to go strong today. The simplicity of the brand, starting with their bold, sans serif, unmistakable logo is nowadays unmistakable. And since Luke and Lucie Meier took over the brand in 2017, the growth of the brand’s imagery was exponential.

Simple lines in Jil Sander trousers with the most luxurious fabrics, Jil Sander coats in new and loose shapes, cozy Jil Sander knitwear in the most impeccable yarns… The vision of the Jil Sander man is of one who screams opulence without overstatements, luxury without ostentation and wealth without flash.

The Jil Sander man is intellectual, carefree only in appearance, since the time spent curating timeless pieces is very much carefully selected.

Jil Sander men at Ottodisanpietro

We currently have one of the longest still standing relationships with Jil Sander at Ottodisanpietro. Our connection to the brand stems from our alignment in many or our values, namely the notion of discreet, understated elegance. The timeless, trend-proof elegance of Jil Sander menswear is now a staple at Ottodisanpietro.

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