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Cargo Trousers

440 €

Stone Island

Sand cargo trousers

395 €

Stone Island

Cargo trousers

395 €

Jacob Cohen

Corduroy trousers

355 €

Jacob Cohen

Corduroy trousers

355 €

Moncler Grenoble

Ripstop tapered trousers

450 €


Denton trousers

720 €


Donning a pair of men designer trousers distinguishes and elevates us thanks to their luxurious qualities. Designer trousers men such as Prada men trousers, Gucci men trousers and Jacob Cohen trousers stand out for their unique identity and popularity. 

Each luxury label forges their own path and conquers new clients and territories through their unique and exclusive designs. This way, each brand stands out for their own merits and their diverse aesthetics and productions. At Ottodisanpietro, we make sure each season to provide you with unique collections prepared for the utmost exquisite tastes. 

Designer brand jeans for men

Each and every brand of luxury trousers for men reflects back the individual styles and personalities of our clients. Prada trousers, for example, have quite the loyal group of followers thanks to their impeccable cuts and the comfort of their fabrics. Many of these designer trousers for men, although made in wool, have a characteristic softness that makes them a favorite amongst buyers. 

Trousers like Canali trousers or even Jacob Cohen trousers, are thought of for the creation of a daily wardrobe. Their styles with flawless cuts without excessive formality, as well as extremely comfortable, make them a go to piece for many gentlemen. These styles of trousers resist the test of time and recover classic styles, but with a twist. 

Trousers like Gucci man trousers and Loewe man trousers play with casual cuts and different colors. The innovations of each of these luxury brands keeps them at the forefront of trousers for men. 

Optimal care of trousers for men is a prerequisite to maintain their look as much as their feel and quality. Luxury brands produce luxury designer men trousers which qualities are made to last for many years. But like anything, the more care we take of our articles of clothing, the more we potentiate their ability to last a lifetime. During your visit, our in-store staff will be happy to assist you with and respond to any of your queries. Otherwise, the instructions on the piece’s tags will provide clear instructions on how to proceed in taking care of your exclusive men trousers.


Streetwear has been the latest force to be reckoned with. Trousers have taken this trend combined with workwear, delivering some of the strongest streetwear looks for today’s menswear. Streetwear trousers usually fall under the category of either joggers and track pants or cargo trousers. In our stores, brands like Stone Island produce the most premium quality streetwear trousers with looks that are distinctive yet still on trend. 

The new trend potentiated by streetwear is personality. Personality and individuality shine through in streetwear trousers thanks to the diversity in designs, colors and the capacity to transmit comfort while still adapting to more elegant, comfortable pieces. Men’s streetwear trousers include daily visual inspiration from the silhouettes and shapes of workwear. The shapes and chunky forms and patterns in men’s streetwear trousers comes from several different sources of inspiration such as the military uniform, with obvious references in shapes, fabrics, colors and silhouettes; painters and overall handymen attire with resistant, tough textiles and rough, wrinkly feel; and finally construction workers, that have profoundly informed the capacity to design modern streetwear trousers and beautiful designs. 

Symbols of modern day culture: streetwear and men’s streetwear trousers

Both types of streetwear pants are most popular, but there are several other kinds. Cargo trousers are popular for their military look and cool fabrics, which are often synthetic and water repellent to create that gathered, rough look that is so loved in cargo trousers. Joggers or jogging pants, or track pants in the U.K., are usually made in cotton and have become symbolic of men’s streetwear clothing and youth culture in general. The appearance of logomania and celebrated designer collaborations have gathered millions of people around the world centering around these iconic modern day pieces. Men’s streetwear trousers have become a symbol of modernity and actuality, meaning they most likely are here to stay and won’t go anywhere. 

Nowadays, many other shapes and forms are in production. Several brands explore classic trousers and reconvert them to streetwear, such as denim jeans and tailored pants. These shapes are reinvented in their textiles and fabrics to adapt to the modern trends of today. 

Streetwear style trousers for men at Ottodisanpietro

Amongst our brands, solid modern day identities and collections bring together design and youth consumer culture to produce infatuation-worthy designs in streetwear clothing. More designers than one have focused their attention away from the quintessential luxury consumer and have been dribbling small pieces of streetwear into their main collections, and this includes names like Gucci, Prada, Stone Island and other well known brands that bet every season on a balance between classic elegance and timeless sophistication, and the appeal of younger Gen Z culture and their demand for comfortable pieces of streetwear that can be work essentially as another modern day uniform. 

We care about balance, and our selections from the best brands in the world reflect this. It isn’t a rare occurrence that the younger generations will somehow make it to hook their parents to pieces of streetwear, starting often with sneakers and traveling all the way up the look through also streetwear men’s trousers. These modern trousers for men have the stamp of exquisite quality from the best brands in the world, with world recognized names behind the designs that very quickly earn the approval of even the most demanding of the luxury fashion consumers.
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