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Article: How men can dress for a summer wedding

How men can dress for a summer wedding


Men's formal wear is generally associated with the classic suit in its various types. However, the passage of time has allowed gentlemen to significantly expand their range of options. From the essential suit jacket in every male wardrobe to combinations of exclusive quality garments for summer, the men's fashion industry has grown in terms of breadth and diversity.

This month, we have reviewed some key details on how to dress for summer weddings and ceremonies. In this installment, we're going back on track to focus on helping men dress for formal summer events.


The timeless classic - the men's suit jacket

Canali, Etro, Prada... If all the major brands continue to explore the men's suit in all its variations, it means that the classic suit for gentlemen remains an essential. Improvements in cuts and materials used, as well as certain silhouettes and combinations, increase in number each season to enhance the comfort and modernity of the male wardrobe.

Generally, when it comes to how to dress for a summer wedding, it is preferable for men to wear a suit jacket in navy blue or black, with a tie and a white shirt. Maintaining colours within the same range will promote aesthetic uniformity throughout the wedding, especially among gentlemen and the groom. In any case, it is always important to consult with the groom about the dress code rules and find out how best to align with the style he will be wearing at the wedding.

As for footwear, monk shoes or loafers like Church's or Tod's are ideal. Plain models are always a safe bet, the buckles should not attract too much attention, and the broguing and other decorations should always be in harmony with the rest of the outfit. Generally, discreet black footwear is preferable.

However, despite the prevalence of suits at weddings and ceremonies, formal summer attire is not limited to suit jackets alone.


New options for men's formal wear

Within the exponential growth of men's fashion in recent years, the internationalisation of resources and brands has resulted in a wider range of dressing options for men, both for everyday wear and for more formal occasions like summer weddings.

Depending on where we live, a classic men's suit jacket can lead to heatstroke or end up drenched in sweat by the end of the day. That's why many gentlemen now opt for alternative choices or, as women have been doing for decades, change into lighter and more mobile outfits after the ceremony.

Among these new options, there is an attractive and functional combination, which is the classic Mediterranean style of suit trousers or pleated trousers with a white shirt or jacket, paired with soft loafers or moccasins like Tod's. This option, as elegant as it is fresh, is ideal for the hottest moments. It is true that, in the case of cooler summer nights, an elegant touch during the day could be to wear a sweater or cardigan tied around the shoulders, which will serve as our coat when temperatures drop at the end of the day.

While there is a commonly accepted and preferable protocol for summer weddings and celebrations, it is also true that in the 21st century, the male wardrobe has undergone a transformation and expansion never seen before. The liberation from the scarcity of dressing options that occurred years ago has allowed gentlemen to explore new realities and ways of expressing their elegance. The growing disappearance of concepts like season or gender in fashion is enabling the rapid evolution of what was previously considered "formal clothing" or "formal fashion."

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