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Article: The Jacquemus clothing phenomenon

The Jacquemus clothing phenomenon


If you're in the fashion world, you probably already know or have at least heard the name Jacquemus. As one of the brands that defines the fashion of the new millennium, Jacquemus emerged as a fresh return to emotion and humour in fashion. The latter half of the 2010s was largely shaped by the work of this young fashion protege, thanks to the freshness, sensuality, and viral nature of his designs. Between bags with their own names and a nostalgic, consistent aesthetic, do you know what the key elements of his success were?


The South of France and other idyllic locations

One thing that defines Jacquemus' collections is their evocative portrayal of the French countryside. From wheat fields and beaches in Marseille to lavender fields, the backdrop of young Simon Jacquemus' childhood is a recurring character in all of his collections.

At a time when fashion was already largely industrialised, the simplicity of Jacquemus' designs and settings caught attention by creating a new space for lovers of French fashion. His connection with nature is evident both in colours and materials used in his pieces. Jacquemus clothing expresses joie de vivre, that longing to live and enjoy earthly paradise, evoking feelings of warmth, friendship, and eternal vacations.


The humour of Jacquemus' clothing

In 2018, Simon captured the public and all the influential figures of the moment with his iconic bag model: the Le Chiquito bag mini. Both for the quality of the original design and the controversy generated by the bag, it opened doors to all major publications and digital platforms.

His creation reignited the debate about "fashion for the sake of fashion," with a segment of the audience criticising the apparent lack of practicality of the bag (worn by everyone from Lizzo to Chiara Ferragni). His response, in line with his character as a creator, compared his Le Chiquito bag to a piece of jewellery: with no purpose other than creating beauty and building a look. With this simple yet challenging attitude in his collections, including when Anna Wintour asked him about his ideal viable business and he replied that his own brand would be it, Simon has won the hearts of customers worldwide.

His self-proclaimed naïve style seeks these idyllic sensations of an almost eternal summer, also exploring the colder months with a mountainous aesthetic. His use of colour throughout the year, or even the absence of it, is a statement of the brand's vitality. His fashion brings a fresh and youthful aesthetic to all age groups.


Savvy social media communications

Another precedent set by young Simon has been his natural approach to social media. With the rise of social platforms and calculated communication strategies, Simon paved the way by merging his personal life with his professional profile. This not only felt more authentic and straightforward than other forms of brand communication but also established an emotional connection between the audience, Simon, and his work.

His constant references to his family, childhood, and joy of living became part of his identity. The creative's personality merged with his brand, making it almost an extension of himself. His creative eye and love for spontaneous photography have also led to some of his most acclaimed photos, even published in compilation books.

With iconic bags like Le Chiquito Jacquemus and Le Bambino, Simon Porte Jacquemus has founded more than just a fashion brand: he has initiated a romantic lifestyle inspired, as the creator says, by poetry and the '80s. His clothing line has been available at OTTODISANPIETRO since 2020, with his men's collection arriving in stores in the summer of 2022. In our physical and online retail spaces, we offer some of the most iconic Jacquemus clothing items for both men and women. Some Jacquemus dresses like the Bahía dress, the Bagnu dress and accessories such as Jacquemus sandals and Jacquemus bags

Explore Jacquemus clothing for men and women in our stores and on our website.

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